Apple Business Manager

Until now a lot of Latvian organisations have been solving the complex problems of purchasing apps or how to configure and automate the instalment of new centralised software for the purchased Apple products. From now on it is not a problem. The service Apple Business Manager can be used by all of the Latvian organisations. Apple Business Manager is an internet tool that is easily and securely accessible that is meant for organisations who are using iPhones, iPads, iMacs and Apple TVs. Through this companys IT-administrators can access the companies inner-systems, they can use general deployment, buy the necessary amount of software licences, create and manage companies accounts and give them access and do all of it in one portal. The new service with business orientation is compatible with third party MDMs (Mobile Device Management) solutions even when the company is using different special solutions for managing computers and mobile devices. Businesses can use Apple Business Manager for freshly bought or for older devices(since 2011 first of March). The business oriented Apple ID is created for businesses. It nullifies the risk what businesses have had - it-managers who are leaving are taking the organisation access rights and connected apps with them. If the ordered Apple devices are arriving to the company the users can set them up themselves. For Mac users it is enough to turn them on, choosing the preferred system language, keyboard type and connecting to Wifi network. If such simple, learnable steps for even unexperienced users have been done then all of the software will be installed automatically. Thanks to Apple Business Manager and MDM tandem the device installing in a business runs more smoothly, faster and IT-department workers don’t need to install the system and software to each computer separately. In addition to companies devices centralized management and inventoring - the Apple business solution creates an opportunity to optimize it-departments work and throught that the expenses connected with it.

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